Our Artisan Partners

Global Mamas

 Global Mamas is committed to sustainable growth and since inception has created hundreds of jobs in Ghana. Fair Trade practices ensure that every Global Mama is paid a steady, living wage. We further empower our Mamas by inviting them to be a part of organizational decisions and product development. Through our powerful network of international volunteers and interns, our Mamas receive personalized, hands-on training to refine their skills and strengthen their capacity to produce better products, manage their growing businesses and personal incomes, and improve their health and the health of their children. 

Lucia's Imports


Lucia’s Imports L.L.C operates according to the Fair Trade Federation Principles - partnering with Guatemalan families, artisan groups, and cooperatives to produce and develop a wholesale market for their quality handicrafts and accessories.

Globally, many artisans have little opportunity to market their products. Working side by side with Guatemalan artisans helps improve their economic well being, enabling them to earn a living wage in a region where there are few opportunities to do so. Through direct collaboration with artisans, we are able to design products that are not only fashionable, modern, and functional but embrace traditional Mayan design.

Global Girlfriend

 Global Girlfriend believes in forming long-term partnerships that provide women a fair living wage with equal employment opportunities, healthy and safe working conditions, technical assistance and development strategies to foster prosperity and reduce poverty. Between our wholesale and retail channels, we work with over 100 women’s artisan organizations in over 30 countries. We specialize in sourcing beautiful handmade products that make a life-changing difference for the women who make them. 



Windhorse products are handmade by artisans in Nepal.

Windhorse products are designed to celebrate woman's originality, empower them

and bring fair wages to artisans in Nepal.

Windhorse is committed in offering authentic FAIR TRADE like quality products.

All our products are traditionally hand crafted. Slight irregulations in color and stitch are unique character of these beautiful hand crafted goods which are created with care in the Himalayan region of NEPAL.

African Market Baskets

 Our business is focused on handcrafted Bolga baskets and the remarkable artisans who weave them. 


We work directly with artisans in Bolgatanga, Ghana and are wholeheartedly devoted to creating a positive experience for all involved.

Proceeds from the sale of our baskets help to provide healthcare, education and financial support to over 1,000 African villagers and their children.


 At Serrv, we work to fight poverty and improve lives through handwork. Behind every fair trade handcraft we sell, there's a story of positive change. And after nearly 70 years, we've seen what trading fair can do. Marginalized artisans and farmers who are empowered by sustainable employment, fair wages and safe working conditions find security and dignity in their work. They create stronger and healthier communities. They send their children to school. They hand down traditions of cultural craft. 

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