More History

 1976 to 2007  Ahead of Our Tyme retail store helps to build the framework for ESTROG 

2012  One year journey around the world along with research and vetting of Fair Trade netowrks to partner with.

2013  ESTROG is launched in October.  We started with home market parties up and down the east coast.  thanks to all of my friends who joined in this wonderful time by providing their homes. Visit to CraftLink in Vietnam, The Women's Bean Project in Denver and the launch of our website. 

2014  As ESTROG builds many more events are added on.  the home market parties continue.  We visit the Global Mamas in Ghana, what a treat.  This is our most successful Fair Trade network that we partner with.  they have a great story.

2015  Winter: ESTROG travels Nepal, Bangladesh and India taking on new partners.  Operations expand throughout Florida and the northeast. Fall: ESTROG travels from Panama to Guatemala by bus visiting every country in between supporting fair trade along the way.  beautiful sites along with some shocking ones. 

2016  ESTROG expands its event schedule, picking up bigger shows.  We also expanded into sales repping for our partners.  A trip to Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar and Indonesia connects us with more groups of women in the Fair Trade network.  We meet with The Sharing Foundation, Malaya, Yangoon Bake House, FXB, Pompelo, and a few more. 

2017  ESTROG broadens its scope of events now working most weekends.  We had to pause our online store until things settle in.  

2018  Each year does better and better.  Our sales have helped many women around the world.  As we bring awareness to the impact of our dollar spent, more and more are waking up to the trail left behind from the fast fashion industry.